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And when he descends from the stars, he will open his maw and devour all sanity. Then, he will spread his nightmarish wings and cover the world with his shadow...

Some forces should not be called up

In the middle of the nineteenth century, in one of the few abbeys that has not been closed, some of its monks are attracting a dark shadow which gradually hangs over their beliefs, endangering everything they have protected until now.

A path to insanity opens in the darkest gloom...

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The unknown can not be dominated

1853. A child is sent to an abbey, leaving his ill mother alone. There, he soon discovers that his stay keeps a fateful purpose, but the destiny holds for him a decisive role in which human feelings and fears will have to deal with something completely unknown...

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Prologue information

  • Discover some previous events to the main story of the game.

  • Play with three different characters.

  • Go through three small chapters.

  • Original soundtrack with eleven original songs, including songs with voices in Latin.

  • Three unlockable extras.

  • Available for PC and Mac.

Game information

  • An adventure of horror, fantasy and mystery full of enigmas to discover and puzzles to solve.

  • Explore the decadent abbey, its icy catacombs and enter into a world beyond this reality.

  • Play with different characters along his main plot and numerous interludes.

  • Extensive original soundtrack with influences of science fiction, horror and romanticism.

  • Several extras and different endings.


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